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Another Teen BFF episode! I even got one more in store after this :)


Heather is dating a local sports hero that Ariana has a crush on. She doesn't mind sharing so she gets Johnny over without him knowing what's going to happen. When they are fooling around she brings Ariana in as a surprise and he is more than okay to let her in on the action! The FFM threesome is a fact and they fuck around like mofos untill he blasts his load all over their cute faces. That didn't stop them from sucking his dick some more to get out all the tasty drops of semen.




































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Now this dude right here is really lucky. He happen to be friends with a hot lesbian couple that wants to try out a threesome for the first time. They decided he was the man for the gig and he was all for it. He showed up with a boner and they all got in bed together.


They sucked his pole like it was candy and let him pound their tight pussies. They had some lesbian tricks up their sleeves too that they would still use, check them out licking each other vaginas like pros!































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Categories: Lesbian, Pictures

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