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Ariana and her sexy friend Cassidy decided that they wanted to make a sexy flick together. I'm glad they did cause it turned out great!


They were out in the yard in their bikinis and started out lightly by making out. Things got a lot hotter fast though as they tossed away their bikinis and used their tongues down south on each other.


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This episode starts out with a blast. A facial blast that is! It's because the images were out of order and I was too lazy to sort them out ;)


We get to see Ariana give a mean blowjob outdoors before she takes her man inside and rocks his world on the couch. He in return shot a huge fucking load all over her pretty face and upper body.



















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Ariana and her girlfriend Marina Angel do a good job of pleasing each other. But they are on the prowl for a dick, so they can be pleasured in a way that aren't possible for girls to do. They call up a guy they know and after hearing their plan he is more than willing to help out! So he rushes over as soon as he has hanged up the phone.


These three doesn't waste any time. They get his boner out and starts to suck on it together the minute he walked in the door. One worked the shaft while the other one worked the balls. That's the kinda teamwork I like! After that they took turns getting penetrated while they of course ate each others punanis. I just realized the whole thing happened outdoors!































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This is bonus material from the Mofos members area, so pretty rare stuff. She's been in a few FFM's so nice to see her in a MMF for a change!


She had just found out about dogging so she went out to take a drive and see if she could pick up some random guys. She flashed her boobies to a couple of dudes she found handsome and they came right over to service her. She crawled halfway through the car window and sucked both of their large penises before she let them fuck her brains out on the hood of her car!

























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